Oxzo and Oxymat in partnership - Oxzo

Oxzo and Oxymat in partnership - Oxzo

New partnership: Oxzo and Oxymat!

Oxzo and Oxymat are proud to announce an exciting exclusive partnership, combining Oxymat’s vast experience as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of oxygen generators, with OXZO’s leading position as the world’s largest producer of on-site oxygen for the aquaculture industry.

Both companies share deep roots in the aquaculture industry, making this collaboration especially meaningful. This agreement promises to deliver innovative and efficient solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and sustainability in this vital sector.

With this partnership, two serious leading companies and two centers of expertise have come together, making us well equipped to create even better solutions for our customers in the aquaculture industry, both for seawater and onshore applications.


This collaboration is based on a shared focus on oxygen demand solutions, which provides a solid foundation for innovation and cooperation. Leveraging each company’s strengths and resources, we can develop solutions for our customers with state-of-the-art technology that will provide stable, high-quality and energy-efficient operations. The products and solutions developed through this partnership are specially designed to meet the needs of the Norwegian aquaculture industry, and will optimize production, efficiency, and sustainability, providing tangible benefits for both businesses and the marine environment.

Svein Arve Tronsgård, Business Development Director Oxzo Technologies Norway.


Combining Oxzo’s specialized knowledge in oxygenation processes for sea cages with Oxymat’s reputation and experience as an oxygen equipment supplier forms a powerful alliance. This shared focus on oxygen solutions not only lays a solid foundation for collaboration but also opens opportunities for innovation. By capitalizing on each other’s strengths and resources, we can jointly to tackle the challenges in the aquaculture industry.

Kim D. Andersen, Sales Manager Aquaculture Oxymat A/S


“We have been collaborating with Oxzo for several years, and we know their expertise and capabilities, combined with ours, are a game changer for the aquaculture industry. It’s one of those cases where “one plus one equals three”. We are talking about years of experience and proven results, which, with the strengthening of our partnership, will be put at the service of aquaculture customers in Norway, translated into innovative ways of increasing productivity, sustainability, and profit.”

Renato Parra, Managing Director Oxymat A/S.


“We are very pleased and excited about this new agreement. We believe that both companies working strongly together will be able to contribute considerably to the Norwegian aquaculture industry, offering innovative solutions that will have a direct impact on the sector and help to improve what has been established so far. This agreement opens up new opportunities and will drive growth and collaboration in the Norwegian aquaculture industry.”

John Marcus, CEO OXZO S.A.

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